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O'Neill Winter & Summer Hyperfreak Wetsuits

The Hyperfreak range of wetsuits are simply the best performance range of suits that money can buy. The concept is simply by using the least amount of panels thus giving you one of the most flexible suits. The benefit to having a flexible wetsuit is that when you are in the water you have the maximum amount of movement. Two major benefits are that one you will be able to stay in the water for longer as you won't get as tired as you would if you were in a stiff suit but also it will keep you warmer as the fit is a lot better with super stretch wetsuits. The material used is also pretty special as it is constructed with Technobutter 2 which is light weight and retains less water than other neoprenes. Warmth, flex and light weight giving a high performance suit at a low cost. This range of Hyperfreak wetsuits is certainly worth considering is you like the idea of unrivalled performance.

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  1. O'Neill Hyperfreak 4/3+mm Overknee Chest Zip Wetsuit 2022 - Black
    As low as £229.95
  2. O'Neill Hyperfreak 4/3mm Youth Chest Zip Wetsuit 2022 - Navy/Blood Shot/Black - Front
    As low as £174.95
  3. O'Neill Hyperfreak 5/4mm Youth Chest Zip Winter Wetsuit 2022 - Navy/Blood Shot - Front
    As low as £184.95
  4. hyperfreak 5/4+mm hooded youth wetsuit
    As low as £199.95
  5. Hyperfreak 5/4+ Women's Wetsuit
    As low as £259.95
  6. O'Neill Womens Hyperfreak 5/4+mm Wetsuit
    As low as £259.95
  7. O'Neill Hyperfreak Comp 5/4mm Wetsuit 2018
    As low as £239.95
  8. O'Neill Hyperfreak 4/3mm Youth Chest Zip Wetsuit 2022 - Raven - Front
    As low as £174.95
  9. O'Neill Hyperfreak Comp 4/3mm Zipless Mens Wetsuit 2022 - Black/Bloodshot - Front
    As low as £239.95
  10. O'Neill Hyperfreak 5/4+mm Mens Chest Zip Winter Wetsuit - Raven - Front
    As low as £269.95
  11. Hyperfreak 4/3+ chest zip winter wetsuti
    As low as £259.95
  12. O'Neill Youth Hyperfreak 3/2+ Chest Zip Wetsuit 2021
    As low as £169.95
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