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Impact Vests And Buoyancy Aids

Impact Vests and Buoyancy Jackets

Being safe whilst sailing, water skiing, wake boarding, kite surfing is very important because this can mean the difference between life and death. Impacting the watch water at high speeds can seriously damage internal organs and even break bones if an impact vest isn’t worn. Whilst sailing it is also important to wear a life jacket, in the event of being knocked over board a decent life jacket will keep the person safe.We stock a good range of impact vests and life jackets for all genders and ages. All come with Free UK and EU shipping.If you need help choosing the right equipment for your sport, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

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  1. O'Neill Superlite 100N buoyancy aid
    As low as £49.95
  2. O'Neill Outlaw Impact Vest
    As low as £99.95
  3. Typhoon Filey 100N Childrens Life Jacket - Orange - Full View
    As low as £36.95
  4. O'Neill Superlite 50N Impact / Buoyancy Vest
    As low as £54.95
  5. Typhoon Amrok 50N Buoyancy Aid -  Black/Graphite  - Full View
    As low as £44.95
  6. O'Brien Pet Life Jacket - Blue/Yellow - Full View
    As low as £39.95
  7. O'Neill Slasher Kite Vest 2021 - Black - Front
    As low as £109.95
  8. Hyperlite HL Womens Impact Vest 2021 - Grey - Full View
    As low as £89.95
  9. HO Syndicate Rebel Impact Vest - Blue - Front
    As low as £138.95
  10. O'Neill Hyperfreak Rib Cage Vest
    As low as £39.95
  11. Mystic Outlaw Wake Impact Vest - Dark Leaf - Front
    As low as £134.95
  12. Mystic Star Peacock Wake Impact Vest  - White/Black - Front
    As low as £109.95
  13. Mystic Majestic Front Zip Kite Impact Vest - Black - Front
    As low as £134.95
  14. Helly Hansen Rider Stealth Zip Life Vest in Black - Front
    As low as £64.95
  15. Mystic Mens Kite Vest Block 2021
    As low as £114.95
  16. O'Neill Bahia Womens Comp Impact Vest - Black
    As low as £99.95
  17. O'Neill Slasher Womens Kite Vest 2021
    As low as £109.95
  18. Ronix Forester Capella 3.0 CGA Vest - 2021
    As low as £149.00
  19. Ronix Koal Capella 3.0 CGA Vest -2021
    RRP: £149.00
    As low as £99.95

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Where Can I Buy Life Vest or Buoyancy Jackets?

When it comes to safety in the water you really need to have the correct equipment and here at the Wetsuit Centre we are focussed on offering you the best choice online. We stock the right products at the best prices, so if you are a keen wakeboarder the range of impact vest are of a high quality from brands such as O'Neill who are focussed on lightweight and comfortable vests to prevent you getting winded whilst enjoying your water sport. Impact vests are padded to ensure when he hit the water at speed you are not left gasping for air. They are in all sizes so you can find the very best fit. If sailing or kayaking is your chosen sport then a comfortable vest is required that does not restrict your movement. Our range includes Gul and Typhoon which are renowned for producing the best jackets for use in sailing and kayaking. Some self inflating buoyancy aids to high jackets design for the sport we have certainly got you covered. If your sport is a little more about speed then we have the four buckle superlite vest for O'Neill which is perfect for the Jet Ski enthusiasts out there. No matter what your sport, if you are unsure about what is right for you please feel free to call us for helpful advice.