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Stand Up Paddle Boards

The sport of stand up paddle boarding or SUP as it is known has taken the UK by storm with people loving the ability to get out on the water and get fit. Their are a few differing ways you can enjoy the sport from taking your board out on a river from a smoother and more gentle experience or in the sea which of course conditions are always changing. The massive can in the sport in recent times has been the introduction of the inflatable Sup's by the brand Red Paddle. This has taken away all the hassle of transporting and storing the boards which used to be the biggest hurdle with the sport. For those that still want the maximum performance out of there board then the hard boards are still the go to equipment. Especially for the wave riding boards as they ideally need to be hard for the best wave riding ability. Although you can ride the inflatables in wave the turning is not as good as a hard Sup. When it comes to the summer months and the family then Red Paddle has certainly got you covered as they are very easy to transport and inflate. The performance is second to none as well. If you need any help in deciding what you need then please feel free to call us.
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  1. NSP O2 Cruiser 10'0" Windsurf FS ISUP - Blue
  2. Circle One 10ft6 Soft-Top Stand Up Paddle Board - Light Blue
  3. NSP O2 10ft 6 Cruiser Inflatable SUP Package - Blue - Top
  4. NSP 6ft 10 SUP Foil Surfboard
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