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Winter Wetsuits

Ladies Winter Wetsuits

All our ladies winter wetsuits are available with free UK and EU delivery. We take pride in stocking an extensive range of winter wetsuits for women & girls. We aim to offer the best range, high quality and the best branded wetsuits on the market. Keeping warm in the water during the cold winter months is essential for enjoyment of your sport and safety, buying the right fitting winter wetsuit is crucial. Winter wetsuits are made in either 4mm or 5mm thickness to ensure that you stay warm in the UK & Europe. If you really feel the cold then you should consider a hooded suit as these minimise the amount of water that can enter the suit and are even made in 6mm neoprene.

If you'd like information and facts related to ladies winter wetsuits we are extremely enthusiastic to help. For those who have inquiries our well-informed staff are available to point you in the right direction when buying a wetsuit.

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Why Buy Your Winter Wetsuit At Sorted Surf Shop?

A few things that you need consider when buying a winter wetsuit, the first being how often will you be using it and how long you want to spend in the water. For example if you are only going to be using it occasionally then look to buy an entry level suit such as the Billabong Intruder or Rip Curl Omega as these wetsuits wont break the bank but will provide you with a good warm suit. The next step up is the O'Neill Epic or Rip Curl Dawn Patrol again really good suits and will be more flexible than the entry level suits with the addition of thermal linings on the chest and lumber regions. Thermal linings act in very much the same way as thermal underwear and retain your heat in the wetsuit. For the serious water sports enthusiasts then the range we have has something to suit everyones needs. Remember it generally is the case that the more you spend the more flexible the wetsuit becomes and the more the wetsuit has additional warmth properties. The only other thing to consider is whether to go for a chest zip or back zip wetsuit and this will depend on preference as chest zips are more difficult to get on but do give you better movement.

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