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Thermal & Wetsuit Shorts

Wetsuit Shorts

Wetsuit shorts are a great way to have an extra thermal layer underneath a wetsuit to keep you warmer and in the water for longer. Our wetsuit shorts are most popular with surfers, kayakers and sailors. There are two materials wetsuit shorts are made from, neoprene and poly pro. Neoprene wetsuit shorts tend to be used alone, or underneath a wetsuit where as the poly pro thermal shorts tend to be used underneath a wetsuit for added warmth.

If you need advice about which wetsuit shorts are suitable for you, please contact us and we will point you in the right direction.
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  1. C-Skins Legend 2:2 Mens Wetsuit Shorts front
    As low as £49.95
  2. Mystic Bipoly Thermal Womens Shorts 2021 - Black
    RRP: £39.95
    As low as £25.95

    You save:

  3. O'Neill Thermo X Shorts
    As low as £31.95
  4. O'Neill Reactor II 1.5mm Neoprene Shorts 2018
    As low as £48.95
  5. O'Neill Youth Skins Premium Shorts
    As low as £20.95
  6. O'Neill Reactor II 1/5mm Youth Neoprene Shorts - Black
    As low as £34.95
  7. Women's Wetsuit Shorts
    As low as £39.94
  8. Sola 3mm Neoprene Shorts
    As low as £26.95
  9. Sola 3mm Mens Neoprene Trousers - Black/Blue
    As low as £41.95
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Where Can I Buy Thermal And Neoprene Shorts?

Sorted Surf Shop have one of the largest ranges of thermal and wetsuit shorts in the UK. Thermal shorts are designed to be used underneath a wetsuit in the winter months to keep your lower half warm when the water is cold. The thermal material is made from a poly pro material and acts in much the same way as thermal underwear. This design is great under a wetsuit as the additional benefit is retained body heat and can help you prolong the life of a wetsuit. Wetsuit shorts on the other hand are generally used in summer months as a better way to retain body heat than a pair of shorts or a bikini. They are very popular with kayak, stand up paddle boards, and jet ski enthusiasts, but are also used by many other water sports people. They are generally in a 2mm version with a draw string system for comfort.

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