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Wetsuit Hoods

Wetsuit Surfing Hoods & Caps

When the winter months arrive this is the time to make sure that your head is kept nice and warm whilst in cold water. Hoods and caps come in different thicknesses of 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm neoprene. Most people will choose either a cap which covers your head and has a strap that goes under the chin so you still retain freedom of movement. A hood is a complete head cover and will provide maximum warmth but some people find them more restrictive in terms of movement and vision. It really depends on how warm you want to be and how much movement that you want as to which you should choose. Some of the hoods also have a thermal lining to retain as much heat as possible. The best way to retain heat in your body is too make sure your head stays warm as this is where most of your body heat can be lost.

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  1. O'Neill Youth Psycho 3mm Wetsuit Hood
    As low as £23.99
  2. C Skins Legend 2.5mm Wetsuit Hood
    As low as £34.95
  3. Mystic Star 2mm Wetsuit Hood
    As low as £26.95
  4. C Skins 2mm Wetsuit Hood For Children
    As low as £26.99
  5. Patagonia R3 Yulex Insertable Hood - Black - Side View
    As low as £44.95
  6. Vissla North Seas 3mm Cold Water Hood - Black
    As low as £48.99
  7. SEAC Standard 3mm Wetsuit Hood 2021 - Black - Front
    As low as £28.95
  8. SEAC Standard 5mm Wetsuit Hood 2021 - Black - Full View
    As low as £33.95
  9. Xcel Infiniti 1mm Hooded Wetsuit Vest - Black
    As low as £94.95
  10. C Skins Adjustable Hood
    As low as £21.99
  11. Oneill Psycho Youth Hood - Green
    As low as £24.95
  12. C Skins Session 2mm Wetsuit Surf Cap
    As low as £26.99
  13. c skins wired 2mm wetsuit hood
    As low as £29.99
  14. O'Neill Ultraseal Hood
    As low as £39.95
  15. O'Neill Psycho 1.5mm Wetsuit Hood
    As low as £24.94
  16. O'Neill 2mm Beanie
    As low as £19.99
  17. O'Neill Youth Psycho 3mm Wetsuit Hood
    As low as £24.95
  18. Xcel Infiniti 2mm Limited Edition Wetsuit Hood
    As low as £45.95
  19. O'Neill Ninja 1.5mm Wetsuit Hood
    As low as £24.95
  20. rip curl mens hooded vest
    As low as £89.95
  21. Xcel 2mm Infiniti Ltd Wetsuit Hood 2021
    As low as £44.95
  22. Xcel Drylock 3mm Wetsuit Hood
    As low as £54.95
  23. Xcel Axis 2mm Peaked Surf Wetsuit Cap - Black - Full View
    As low as £23.95
  24. Ocean and Earth Free Flex 2mm Full Surf Hood - Black - Full View
    As low as £35.95
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Where To Buy A Wetsuit Hood Or Cap?

Sorted Surf Shop has one of the largest selections of neoprene hoods and caps in the UK. You can use these hoods and caps for every water sport to keep you warm in the winter months. If you surf then a hood is great for when you have to go under a wave whilst paddling out into the line up. It can be very painful to put your head under the water when the sea temperature sub 8c. For water sports that are more surface driven such as Kite surfing and sailing then a cap will be more than sufficient to keep you nice and warm. The hoods and caps are designed with smooth skin neoprene which is designed to keep the wind from making you cold. Some hoods and caps are also lined with poly pro thermal layering's this material retains your heat more efficiently than just the neoprene so will keep your warmer. The range caters for men, women and children so you will be able to buy the product to suit you and keep you warm in the winter months.