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Rash Vests

Ladies Rash Vests

If you would like to prevent your wetsuit from causing you discomfort by rubbing on your neck why not purchase a rash vest. However with wetsuits getting better and better from the best brands such as O'Neill, Rip Curl and Billabong in terms of soft neoprene's. The rash vest has turn into more of a protection against the sun whilst at the beach or snorkelling in tropical waters. All the sun protection tops that we sell in the women's range are UV protection 50+ which means you can wear these tops and stay in the sun 50 times longer than you normally would before getting burnt. This obviously depends on your skin type and how long it normally takes for you to burn. It is so important nowadays to protect your self from getting burnt as skin cancer is on the increase and the sun is becoming more powerful. The good things is the tops can be worn in the water and due to the construction are quick drying and light weight.

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Why Can I Buy Sun Protection Tops?

Sorted Surf Shop stocks a large range of tops from the best brands such as O'Neill and Billabong. The designs are really cool and are a joy to wear at the beach or in the water. It should be said that a rash top does not keep you any warmer in the water than what you would normally be. If you need something to keep you warmer then a women's thermal rash vest will be what you need to buy. Can you also be assured that all our rash tops are UV protection 50+ and not just a top. Many surfers also still buy these tops to surf in tropical destinations to protect themselves from getting burnt whilst surfing in warm waters. What ever you need a top for we have the range to make sure your size and style is in stock.

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