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Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board, UK

Sorted Surf Shop understands that transporting a stand-up paddle board (SUP) can be a real pain. But that's not true any more! We carry something for everyone with the range of inflatable stand-up paddleboards we now offer, which have advanced construction and durability. We've sourced the best-selling range on the inflatable market from Red Paddle Co, Aqua Marina, Baju & Cressi, all at incredible prices.

With an inflatable stand-up paddle board, you simply pump up your board and hit the water for your adventure! After use, just deflate it and put it back in the bag. Known for safety and durability, these inflatable stand-up paddle boards are great for travelling, as the package will simply become part of your luggage, along with your suit and accessories.

The sport of stand-up paddleboarding, whether touring or racing, has seen amazing growth over the past few years. This popularity is primarily due to the increased versatility of using an inflatable stand-up paddle board, which inflates to a rigid structure. Because of the style and design features, an inflatable remains lightweight to transport on the beach. Red Paddle Co has even created a good-quality 9.5-foot-length (compact) inflatable SUP that's half the size of standard stand-up paddleboards.

Nothing is more exciting than getting an inflatable stand-up paddle board on the water as you go surfing at the beach or paddling down a lake. Using a stand-up paddle board is so good for core fitness (even better than yoga) that even some well-known sports figures are engaging in the sport for fitness reasons. All you need to do is decide your length of board and what type: all-round, surfing, racing, or touring (for flatwater).

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  1. Red Paddle co 9ft 8 inflatable SUP
  2. Hurley ApexTour Midnight Tropics 10' 8" Inflatable Paddleboard Set
  3. Hurley ApexTour Miami Neon 10' 8" Inflatable Paddleboard Set
  4. Hurley ApexTour Shock Wave 11' 8" Inflatable Paddleboard Set
  5. Index 10'6 Inflatable Paddle Board
    RRP: £549.95
    Our Price: £299.95

    You save:

  6. Spinra Light 11'2" ULT Paddleboard 2021 - Dark Red - Full View
  7. NSP Allrounder 10'6" LT Package Deal SUP - White/Blue - Full View
    RRP: £549.95
    Our Price: £299.95

    You save:

  8. NSP O2 10ft 6 Cruiser Inflatable SUP Package - Blue - Top
  9. Red Paddle Co 10'6 Ride HT Package
  10. Red Paddle Co 10'6 ISUP Package
  11. Red Paddle Co 10'8 Ride
  12. Spinera Lets Paddle 11'2" SUP Paddle Board Package - Blue/White - Full View
  13. Spinera Classic 9'10" Inflatable SUP Package 2023 - White/Turquoise/Green
  14. Spinera Lets Paddle 10'4" Isup
    RRP: £309.00
    Our Price: £228.95

    You save:

  15. Spinera Supventure 10ft 6 Isup
  16. NSP O2 Cruiser 10'0" Windsurf FS ISUP - Blue
    RRP: £1,090.95
    Our Price: £499.95

    You save:

  17. Sola 10ft 6 SUP Package Deal
    RRP: £374.95
    Our Price: £239.95

    You save:

  18. Sola Inflatable SUP Package Deal 11ft
    RRP: £384.95
    Our Price: £259.95

    You save:

  19. Beachbum New Dawn Complete SUP Package in Limited Edition Green Machine
    RRP: £398.95
    Our Price: £298.95

    You save:

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Which Stand-Up Paddle Board Should I Purchase?

As a first-time stand-up paddle boarder, a beginner has a choice between a traditional hard paddleboard or an inflatable stand-up paddle board. The downside to hard paddle boards is that they are a pain to store and transport, whereas an inflatable SUP packs away into a small bag with convenience. This enables you to just turn up, pump up your inflatable stand-up paddleboard, and have an adventure without too much hassle.

The stand-up paddle board inflatables have hundreds of small fibers inside that give the boards their structure and rigidity so they won't flex in the water. The best-selling stand-up paddle board brand globally is Red Paddle due to its outstanding price points and high-performance products. We can also recommend an inflatable Aqua Marina SUP. Please call our online store for friendly advice, service, support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is paddle boarding a popular family activity?

Many families in the UK and across the world have discovered the joys of the stand-up paddle board. This outdoor adventure activity allows beginners and kids to have a beautiful day as they get started and practice on the water, while advanced paddlers can take part in racing and stand-up paddle board surfing.

If your family is looking for a new activity to do together, we definitely recommend investing in some inflatable stand-up paddleboards, with paddles, that are light in weight so children can manage them. An inflatable paddleboard provides an affordable option, especially for a beginner, and give solid performance.

How much does an inflatable paddle board cost?

The price of an inflatable paddle board varies depending on the brand, materials, size, and warranty. When you browse our online selection here at Sorted Surf Shop, you'll find a wide range of inflatable boards from £250 to £1,400. A beginner may opt for a cheaper package, while a rider with more experience may opt for a racing board and paddles.

To find a paddle board at the best price, consider your ability level, budget, and how many you need. If you need help choosing your ideal paddle board, don't hesitate to ask us. Our Sorted Surf Shop sales team would be happy to give you advice and information on the perfect versatile board for your paddleboarding needs.

What are the benefits of inflatable paddle boards vs. rigid boards?

Although a rider with more experience may choose a hard paddle board, inflatable SUPs provide many benefits. An inflatable stand-up paddle board:

  • Deflates and folds or rolls up for convenient transporting and compact storage

  • Offers a more affordable option compared to hard SUPs

  • Won't dent or break (but may get punctured by sharp objects)

  • Provides a great option for a beginner to get started

If you're considering an inflatable stand-up paddle board, you'll find a great option among our products. We stock SUPs from leading brands, including Spinera, Red Paddle, NSP, and Cressi. Many of our inflatable paddle board options come in package deals that include boards, paddles, carry bags, foot straps, air pumps, and repair kits.

How do I care for an inflatable SUP?

A properly maintained inflatable stand-up paddle board can last a decade (depending on the material quality). Caring for an inflatable stand-up paddle board includes:

  • Rinsing the board with fresh water, especially after taking it into salt water

  • Using chemical-free cleaners to remove debris and built-up salt

  • Letting the board dry completely before deflating and rolling it up

  • Storing the board away from direct sunlight

How do I choose the right SUP board size?

Choosing the size helps ensure a stable and easy ride for beginner paddlers and affects manoeuvrability. Your inflatable stand-up paddle board should offer extra stability for your height and weight. Regarding board lengths:

  • Short (under 10') work well with kids and for SUP surfers

  • Medium (10' to 12') are great for most people--and for stand-up paddleboard yoga

  • Long (above 12') are designed for touring and for fast paddling

Where is the best place to learn how to stand-up paddleboard?

The perfect place to learn how to stand-up paddleboard will have calm conditions with few waves, such as a lake or pond. As your skill level on your feet increases, you can explore faster and choppier bodies of water, like oceans and rivers.

We recommend always doing any outdoor activity, including paddleboarding, with more than one person. A group of SUP riders enables better safety conditions. Paddleboarding is not usually a dangerous activity, but you should always be prepared and have all bases covered. Likewise, wear safety vests over your suits.

What type of paddle board is best for a beginner?

Beginners who are just learning how to paddle should opt for a wide paddle board with a rounded nose, often called all-round. You may see narrow boards with pointed noses built for speed, but these can be trickier to balance. Instead of speed, a beginner should focus on stability and control.

If you're buying your first inflatable stand-up paddle board, be sure to choose a package that includes every accessory you need, such as an air pump and leash. Leashes prove especially essential for beginners to keep from getting separated from your SUP in the water.

What's the difference between a touring and all-round paddle board?

An all-round paddle board features a wider body and a rounded nose, which is why these boards make a great choice for beginners. Touring paddle boards often feature pointed noses and longer lengths for easier and faster movement through the water. Many brands build touring SUPs to carry extra gear, such as food and water, helping customers go on longer paddleboarding adventures.

Sorted Surf Shop's online selection includes paddle boards for top performance in all locations, whether you're heading to an ocean, lake, river, or marsh. Check out our selection of inflatable stand-up paddle boards to find the right all-round, touring, or hybrid board for you.

Does Sorted Surf Shop have inflatable boards on sale?

If you want to save some money, you can search for an inflatable stand-up paddle board on our Surfboard sales page. Be sure to check back often so you never miss out on a great deal.

You can also save money through our price-match guarantee. If you find the same inflatable paddle board for sale somewhere else at a lower price, we'll match it! Simply give us a call and let us know which product you want and where you found the cheaper price.


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