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Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Sorted Surf Shop understands that transporting an SUP can be a real pain but not anymore as the range of quality SUP inflatables we now offer will have something for everyone. We have sourced the best selling boards on the market from Red Paddle Co Boards, Baju & Cressi, all at incredible prices. Simply inflate the board and hit the water and after use just deflate and put it back in the bag. These are great for traveling as they will simply become part of your luggage. The sport of Sup has seen amazing growth over the past few years and manly to do with the ease of an inflatable Sup. They are designed to inflate to a ridged structure and due to the design remain light weight to transport on the beach. Their is nothing better than getting on the water either at the beach or paddling down a lake. It is so good for core fitness that even some well known sports people are using the sport for fitness reasons. Of course it is also great to be just out on the water with all that has to offer. All you need to do is decide your length of board and then get out and enjoy. If you need any help please call us for friendly advice on what to buy.

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Which Stand Up Paddle Board Should I Buy?

For a first time Stand Up Paddle Boarder you have a choice between a traditional hard board or a new inflatable board. The down side to the hard boards is that they are a bit of a pain to store and transport. Where as the inflatables pack away into a small bag so very easy to transport and ease to inflate. This means that you can just turn up, inflate and ride off into the distance without to much hassle. The inflatables have hundreds of small fibers inside which when inflated give the board it's structure. This means that the board won't flex in the water and make it difficult to paddle. The best and biggest selling brand in the world is the Red Paddle brand due to the outstanding price and high quality product. Our advice for a first time board or that travel board would be the Red Paddle product.