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Mrs Palmers Tropical Water Surf Wax

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The classic super sticky wax - always a favourite and always reliable.

Lasts all day and is ideal for cold water temperatures +23C

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Mrs Palmers Tropical Water Surf Wax
Mrs Palmers Tropical Water Surf Wax

Mrs Palmers Tropical Water Surf Wax


Mrs. Palmer's Tropical Water Surf Wax in a 70g bar is formulated to excel in warm to hot water conditions, ideally above 23°C. The wax is meticulously crafted to offer surfers optimal traction on their boards in tropical climates, where the combination of warm water and varying conditions demands a specific wax composition. The 70g bar size makes it convenient for surfers to carry and apply as needed, ensuring they can maintain the right level of grip for their surfboards in warmer waters.

The formula is designed to resist melting in higher temperatures, providing a consistent and reliable grip for surfers navigating through tropical waves. The packaging may feature vibrant and attractive designs, reflecting the brand's commitment not only to performance but also to the surfing culture and lifestyle.

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BrandMrs Palmers Wax
MPN Number04HW53-PLPP
SizeOne Size
Age Groupadult
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