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Mrs Palmers Cool Water Surf Wax

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The classic super sticky wax - always a favourite and always reliable.

Lasts all day and is ideal for cold water temperatures from 5 degrees up to 14...

Mrs Palmers Cool Water Surf Wax
Mrs Palmers Cool Water Surf Wax

Mrs Palmers Cool Water Surf Wax


Mrs Palmers Cool Water Surf Wax is a premium wax specially formulated to enhance surfboard performance in cool water temperatures. This high-quality wax is designed to provide excellent grip and traction on the surfboard, allowing surfers to maintain control and stability while riding the waves. Its unique blend of ingredients ensures that the wax remains sticky and reliable even in colder water conditions, allowing surfers to confidently execute manoeuvres and turns without worrying about slipping off their boards. Mrs Palmers Cool Water Surf Wax is easy to apply and offers long-lasting effectiveness, allowing surfers to enjoy extended surf sessions without the need for frequent reapplication. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced surfer, Mrs Palmer's Cool Water Surf Wax is an essential companion for anyone seeking an enhanced surfing experience in cooler waters.

With Mrs Palmers Cool Water Surf Wax, surfers can expect a superior wax that performs exceptionally well in cool water temperatures. The wax is carefully crafted with a specific blend of ingredients that optimize its performance in colder conditions, ensuring optimal grip and traction on the surfboard. Its unique formulation provides a sticky and reliable texture that prevents slipping, allowing surfers to stay in control and ride the waves with confidence. Mrs Palmers Cool Water Surf Wax is known for its durability, providing long-lasting effectiveness, even during extended surf sessions. This premium surf wax is favoured by both amateur and professional surfers who appreciate its ease of application and its ability to enhance their overall surfing performance in cool water conditions.

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BrandMrs Palmers Wax
IBAN Number:135191
SizeOne Size
Age Groupadult
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