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Red Paddle Carbon 3 Piece Paddle

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One of the Best Paddles Money Can Buy

Unfortunately, this product is currently out of stock.

Unfortunately, this item is currently out of stock

Red Paddle Carbon 3 Piece Paddle
Red Paddle Carbon 3 Piece Paddle

Red Paddle Co 3 Piece Carbon Paddle

This is the ultimate for any serious paddle boarder wanting maximum performance from there equipment. The lightweight construction is a pleasure to use and makes it so easy to get speed from your paddling. 

The Red Paddle Co Lever Lock is as clever as it is simple. It is the easiest way to securely alter and fix the length of your paddle's shaft.

The LeverLock cunningly sits flush in the handle of the paddle, completely hidden although always available to adjust the paddle. The lever itself operates a stainless steel cable which runs the length of the adjustable section from the lever to a rubber stopper. When opening the lever, the cable releases the tension compressing the rubber stopper, allowing the adjustable section to move freely. When the lever is closed and locked down, the cable tensions clamping down on the rubber stopper again causing it to firmly grip the shaft of the paddle. The end result is stunning - the adjustable section never moves, the shaft of the paddle is clear of any clamps or fixings, there are no screws to come loose, the handle is smooth when the Red Paddle Co LeverLock is closed and finally their is nothing to seize.

Add to this a rigid carbon fibre paddle shaft ensuring that the power from each stroke is transferred into forward motion and the Red Paddle Co Carbon 3 Piece Paddle blades slight dihedral which reduces side ways slip oterhwise known as 'flutter' in the water - you have a paddle that is arguably one of the best three piece SUP paddle's available.


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BrandRed Paddle
MPN Number001-002-010-0006
IBAN Number:0000000167499
Age Groupadult
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