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FCS Fins

FCS Fins UK 

In the early 1990’s a man by the name of Brian Whitty approached three local surfers from the Northern Beaches of Sydney with a brainwave; removable surfboard fins.

Removable fins would make traveling easier, allow surfers to change their fin setup to suit varying conditions, and more importantly, give them the opportunity to change the performance of their surfboard simply by using a different fin template.

Over the next few months Whitty's ideas where transformed and FCS Fins was born.

To this day FCS is the strongest, most successful, and also the most widely used fin system in the world.

Since its global release in 1994, 28 ASP World Titles and countless events have been won riding FCS. No other system in the world can lay claim to a single ASP World Title in either the men’s, women’s, junior's, or longboard divisions. The success of FCS is a testament to its advantages over other fin systems, this includes traditional fixed fins as well.

Surfing fins have come a long way from the original black composite fins and now FCS offers an extensive rage of fins in a variety of different materials, templates & foils to cater for any surfer and any kind of surfboard.

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  1. FCS II Connect single fin
    As low as £78.95
  2. FCS II CI PC Tri Fin Set - White
    As low as £99.95
  3. FCS Freedom Helix 7ft 0 All Round Surfboard Leash
    As low as £48.95
  4. FCS Freedom Helix 6ft 0 All Round Surfboard Leash
    As low as £44.95
  5. FCS II CI PC Tri Fin Set - Black
    As low as £99.95
  6. FCS II Thomas Volan
    As low as £94.95
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