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Summer Wetsuits

Mens Summer Wetsuits

Summer wetsuits are constructed with thinner neoprene when compared with wetsuits used in the cold winter months. Summer wetsuits are usually used in water temperatures ranging from 15c to 22c. At sorted surf shop we stock an extensive choice of premium quality men's summer wetsuits, all orders include Free UK and EU delivery.

We love to be competitively priced so we are assured you won’t discover the exact same wetsuit at lower price elsewhere. In the event you find the same wetsuit cheaper we shall beat the listed price on any competitor's website.

We simply supply the very best brand name men's summer wetsuits, brands like Animal, Billabong, C-Skins, O'Neill, Rip Curl and Xcel. We believe these manufacturers offer top quality summer wetsuits this is why we sell them. If you need information concerning summer wetsuits we are very happy to be of assistance. In case you have any queries our knowledgeable team are present to guide you in purchasing the right summer wetsuit.

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Why Buy Your Summer Wetsuit At Sorted Surf Shop?

When it comes to choosing your wetsuit there are a few things you need to consider. The first thing is how warm the water is going to be as you may need a full 3mm wetsuit if it is cooler summer waters in the region of 18c to 22c which is typical for the UK and some European destinations. Then consider your budget as if you are not planning on being in the water to long or it is just for beach use with the family an entry level wetsuit such as the O'Neill reactor will be more than enough for your requirements. However if you are more serious about your water sport then something like a Rip Curl E Bomb or O'Neill Psycho 3 will mean you have the maximum in terms of flex and warmth. Depending again on which sport you are into you need to decide about either a chest zip or back zip wetsuit. A chest zip will give you more freedom of movement or even the latest version of wetsuits the zip free. These are more difficult to get on and off compared to a back zip so if you want an easy on and off suit maybe a back zip will be a better option for you. If the water is warmer and above 22c then a shortie will be more than enough to keep you warm and happy in the water. As shorties are short arm and leg this gives you really good movement and is enough to take the edge off if it is a windy day. Temperatures above this mean you should be fine in a pair of shorts / bikini and a rash vest to keep the harmful rays of the sun from burning you.

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