10 Gifts for Anyone who Loves the Sea

A Christmas stocking with presents in it

If there’s one thing that we’ve learnt from 2020, it’s how much we love (and perhaps used to take for granted) spending time outside, in nature. While many of us have been long-time ocean dwellers, others have discovered it as a newfound passion.


Either way, if you know a sea lover, what could possibly be a better gift idea?


We’ve got you covered for every budget with our favourite sea-themed presents from grand gifts to stocking fillers.



Price Range: £60 - £300+


Of course, we think that a good wetsuit makes a fantastic present! The budget range for a wetsuit can vary widely depending on the brand and thickness you need, and it’s definitely best to check the sizing with the person you are buying for. Shop our price match promise, big brand names at Wetsuit Centre including Xcel, Rip Curl and O’Neill wetsuits.


A mid-season wetsuit is also a fabulously practical gift for sea lovers, as it will take them from the slightly chillier spring season, all the way through to autumn!


Model wearing O'Neill wetsuit


Adopt a Sea Animal Subscription

Price Range: from £3.00 per month


A thoughtful gift for the environmentally conscious, there are loads of great charities out there; adopt dolphins, sea turtles, whales, penguins and more!


Not only do most subscriptions come with a lovely welcome pack and yearly updates, but these charities contribute massively to marine conservation that helps to protect our beloved oceans.


Oceana and The Wildlife Trusts are just two of the brilliant charities that offer adoption packages.


Boards and Kayaks

Price Range: £300 - £1000+


Whether it’s SUP, surf, bodyboards, kiteboards or kayaks, there’s plenty to choose from! You could upgrade their current fave with a new board, or gift them a new hobby with something completely different.


Top tip – for a less expensive option, try board accessories like fins or a new leash.


Reusable Straws and Bottles

Price Range: £3 - £30


More environmentally friendly gifts, these are also perfect stocking fillers, or Secret Santa presents.


The damage of waste entering our oceans has been a shocking revelation in recent years, and while much is still to be done, simple changes such as switching to reusable items can help. You can now buy plastic-free and reusable bottles, straws, coffee cups and cutlery – perfect for people who spend all day at the beach!


Yellow Hydroflask

Surf Watch

Price Range: £70 - £250


An essential bit of kit for every water lover, surf watches come in a few different forms and different levels of features, hence the price variations.


At their most basic, surf watches are durable, waterproof watches that help to keep track of time when out in the surf. The higher-end options have a range of features including tide trackers, activity monitors and session stats.


A firm favourite with the pros, many big-name brands have added surf watches to their inventory, including Rip Curl and Nixon.


Sea Jewellery 

Price Range: £5+


For those who love the ocean as much as we do, it sucks when you have to be away from it, especially on a day when the surf is good! Whatever the reason for not being able to catch a wave, a lovely piece of sea jewellery will help your ocean lover to feel just that little bit closer.


There are so many options out there, from sea glass earrings to bands made from reclaimed plastic.


Surf Apparel

Price Range: £5 - £100


It’s not everything, but looking good does help us to feel good! With some awesome brands offering hats, flip flops and everything in between, apparel is always a good shout.


Keep them cosy for the winter with a lovely jumper, or get them ready for summer with some new tees or swimwear. At Wetsuit Centre, we stock a wide range of surf brands including Billabong, Santa Cruz and Orca.


Model wearing Santa Cruz jumper


Stocking Fillers

Price Range: £5 - £40


No more novelty tat! Get the perfect stocking fillers for your ocean lover. There are lots of little things to choose from that are both thoughtful and useful gifts; surf wax, repair kits, car fresheners, sunglasses and wetsuit shampoo, to name a few.


Stocking fillers can often end up unwanted and discarded, which, ultimately, is bad for the environment! Do your bit with the ultimate gifts.


Ocean Pics and Prints

Price Range: £10+


Add an ocean theme to your loved one’s interior with a cool sea photograph or print. There’s a slightly overwhelming choice available, but with awesome barrel shots, sea creature prints and driftwood sculptures, there will be something that suits everyone’s art preferences.


Dry Bag

Price Range: £10 - £200


Dry bags are popular amongst kayakers, sailors and anyone who doesn’t want wet or sandy beach gear! They come in a huge range of sizes, from phone and wallet-sized to holdalls and rucksacks, so it’s probably best to check first what size would suit them best.


Drylife backpack

For many of the products featured here and more sea-themed gift inspiration, check out the massive range of products at Wetsuit Centre.