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O'Neill Wetsuits

The legend that is Jack O'Neill the inventor of the Wetsuit

In the early days of surfing, this sport was not only limited to places that had the big waves, but also where the waters were at least reasonably warm. With nothing but your swim trunks or suit between you and the ocean, surfing was limited to either short periods of time or the hardiest of individuals.

Then along came Jack O'Neill.

Jack experimented with a lot of different materials and designs - introducing neoprene and shorties, long arm wetsuits and rash vests. Now O'Neill Wetsuits is at the for-front of technology and have the best range of any wetsuit brand. The Epic entry level series is pretty unbeatable on price and performance both in the winter and summer versions. One of the most popular top end wetsuits is the O'Neill Psycho range including the famous Psycho 3 and Psycho 1. Both are built with full super stretch and warmth in mind so you stay in the water for long. O'Neill is not just a surf brand and has crossed into multipurpose water sports including kitesurfing, sailing, jet skiing and the general beach goer that wants to be comfortable and warm in the water. Sorted Surf Shop is proud to have the UK's largest selection of both O'Neill wetsuits and rash vest to ensure you find all the equipment you need in the best online shop. We ship free to both the UK and Europe.

Today, O'Neill is a major corporation and leads the field in wetsuit design.

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Why Buy An O'Neill Wetsuit?

Well if you are a keen water user then it is always good to ensure you are in the correct equipment for your water sport. O'Neill offer such a wide range of products that they are now confined to one sport. If you are a keen sailing man / woman or an avid surfer then there is something in the range for your you. The most popular multi purpose wetsuit is the O'Neill Epic 5mm and 3mm due to the fantastic price and the high quality of thermal and super stretch neoprenes. This means that there is a suit for both winter, which is 5mm and summer 3mm wetsuit all in full and short versions. We believe that the ONeill's have the very best range to choice from as there are so many models in the range. Even the children's wetsuits are extremely well priced and again give you the ability to purchase are type and price range that you wish. O'Neill has the best surfing and kitesurfing range to with over 20 different models of suit to choose from. The most famous top end suit has been the Psycho wetsuits which now features Technobutter 2 material which is super light and very warm. All wetsuits are tested by the best surfers such as Jordy Smith and other great water sports people. The entire range can be view at Sorted Surf Shop your O'Neill online specialists where buying a wetsuit is a pleasure. Free UK & Europe delivery will make buying your wetsuit even easier. We pride ourselves on the high levels of customer service and all wetsuits are Free Next Day Delivery.