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Kitesurfing Boards & Wetsuits

Have have search through many different brands to find the very best equipment on the market for you. We stock switchblade kites and boards from Cabrinha which are at the best prices that we could find. Our range of kitesurfing accessories includes bars, harnesses and bindings in our online shop. Kite Surfing has seen a boom in popularity over the past few years and the sport is becoming more affordable to participate in. The advent of better wetsuits now means that even in the cold winter months you can stay warm and still enjoy your sport. Some of the best brands such as Cabrinha are producing great kites and boards within a budget that most people can afford.

What Equipment Do I Need To Start Up In KiteSurfing?

Well the essentials you will require are a decent summer or winter wetsuit depending on what time of year you are going in the water. So have a look at O'Neill as there range will cover pretty much all budgets. In terms of kites a great range to start with is the Switchblade kites, these are very well priced and depending on your weight a kite will be in stock to suit you. The most popular sizes are 12m or 14m as these will get you kiting in no time. As for boards Cabrinha have a great range and are very durable and designed to help you make the most out of your kiting. Then get yourself a harness and kite bar all of which can be purchased as part of a package deal. If you have any questions regarding what you may need then please call us at Sorted for some friendly and helpful advice.

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