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Wetsuit Boots
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Wetsuit Boots For Water Sports 

Wetsuit boots are used for many different purposes; they can be used to keep the cold out, or foot protection against reefs or rocks. Mainly wetsuit boots are used to keep your feet warm in extremely cold water. A good pair of wetsuit boots is essential if you plan to participate in a water sport which involves cold water. The wetsuit boot traps a thin layer of water between the boot and the foot. This layer of water is heated by the foot and keeps feet from being cold in the water. As long as the thickness of the neoprene is adequate for the temperature of the water your feet will be nice and warm. All our wetsuit boots come with Free UK and EU delivery.

If you need advice about which wetsuit boot to purchase, please contact us and we would be more than happy to advise you about which wetsuit boot to buy.