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Rip Curl & Nixon Watches 

Sorted Surf Shop has a huge range of Surf Watches including Rip Curl tide watches. When surfing it’s sometimes good to keep an eye on the time, especially if you are having a morning surf and have to be on time for work! We also stock Nixon Watches which tell you what the tide height, and moon phase is doing and have the most extensive range of fashion designs. Even if you don’t surf the watches we sell are still great fashion items as well as being very practice.

All our surf watches come with free UK and EU shipping.


Where To Buy A Rip Curl Or Nixon Watch?

Sorted Surf Shop has a great relationship with the Rip Curl brand due it's principle of surfing life and products that are not only stylish but durable and ground breaking. Rip Curl were born in the Oceans surrounding Australia with the need for wetsuits in the winter month so they could continue to surf. Since then the brand has moved into clothing and watches for water users. The watch range is in two differing concepts, one built for fashion and style whilst the other all about use within the water. The first watches were built for surfers and water proofed so that surfers could know the time even when out in the water surfing. This has now moved on to tell tide times and the latest Rip Curl Search watch using GPS technology to enable the user to track there time in the water, wave count and speed of waves. This can then plug into an app and be posted on your facebook page. One thing you can be assured of is having high quality products that push the limits of what a watch can and should do.
Nixon are known for having the highest quality watches that money can buy and are endorsed by world champion John John Florence. This shows that the products are not only the hiest quality but are great for anyone into there surface water sports.