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Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Wetsuits Range

The Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Wetsuits range is the best selling Rip Curl wetsuit and for very good reason. They come in either a back zip version or chest zip meaning you get to chose the best zip system for your water sport. The major advantage of the chest zip is that you get complete freedom of movement on your back which is perfect for sports like surfing, kite surfing and wake boarding. Dawn Patrols also come in winter and summer versions which is defined by the thickness of the suit. Winter suits are 5mm of neoprene on the body and 3mm on the arms for additional warmth. Winter suits are used in the Uk from the months December to April when the water is at its coldest. Summer suits are 3mm on the body and 2mm on the arms which gives you move flex than a winter suit. Summer suits are used in the UK from April to November when the water is at it's warmest and longer if you live in the rest of Europe. The Dawn Patrol range features 100% super stretch material and flash dry lining on the inside of the suit. Flash dry is Rip Curls poly pro material designed to retain body heat in the wetsuit and keeping you warmer for longer. It is also designed to dry very quickly making it ready for your next session. The suits come in various sizes and for men, women and children. If you need help choosing the right size then please call us for expert advise.