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Mens Rash Vest
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Men's Surfers Rash Vests And Sun Protection Tops

Men's rash vest's are a very versatile piece of kit, they protect against rashes caused by a wetsuit rubbing on the skin, or a protection against the UV rays from the sun.
If you find you are getting nasty rashes on the back of your neck caused by your wetsuit rubbing, invest in a rash vest before that rash turns into a nasty big scab!If you are lucky enough to be jetting off to warmer climates and want a quick drying UV protective garment to wear, buy a rash vest! We don’t have to warn about the damage the sun can do to skin!

Where Can I Buy A Men's Rash Vest With Sun Protection?

Rash vest start life on the beaches of Australia and America as a way for surfers to not get rashes from harsh neoprene's. Nowadays wetsuits have progressed so much that the chances of getting a rash is a lot smaller than what it used to be. The boom in rash vest is now from getting protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Most families that are heading to the beach in the summer make sure that the children and parents have a rash vest so whilst playing in the sea you will not get sun burnt. It really is important to protect yourself from the sun due to the rise in skin cancer. The material a rash vest is made from is light weight and drys quickly unlike a tee shirt. The great thing about the tops is they are now made in really cool designs that look great on anyone. So if you are taking the family to the beach make sure the man, women or child is protect by purchasing a rash vest. Brands to consider which are UV protection 50+ are O'Neill, Rip Curl and Billabong.