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Summer Short Wetsuits For Children

A kids shortie wetsuit can be used here in the UK on hot summer days in water temperatures ranging from 18c to 22c. Even at these sorts of temperatures there's factors which can cause your child to be cold, such as wind child. Kids shortie wetsuits are a great way to give your child extra warmth and shield them from the elements.

All our kids shortie wetsuits are made from the highest quality materials and come with Free UK and EU shipping.

If you would like advice regarding kids wetsuits, please feel free to contact our expert staff for some great advice.

Which Kids Wetsuit For The Summer Holidays?

When it comes to the summer holidays and either you are intending to stay at home or maybe take the children abroad then it might be worth considering a wetsuit. As if they enjoy being in the water the worse case is that they get cold and there enjoyment is spoilt. You then need to choose between two types of summer wetsuits. The warmer of the two is a 3mm full arm and leg suit, this will keep them warmer for long as the thicker 3mm neoprene is designed to keep them in the water on average of an additional hour or two. A shortie wetsuit that you can buy here has short arms and short legs, which is great for the height of the UK summer or in warmer holiday climates. They are made from 2mm of neoprene so your child has better movement in he water.
All wetsuits work by trapping water between the suit and there body and it warms to body temperature, maintaining the heat. The more money you spend the better the neoprene becomes in terms of softness and stretch. We only stock the best wetsuit brands so you won't find that your child ends up the nasty rashes that they can get from cheap suits. A shortie can be used for swimming, surfing or general water use. The other benefit from them wearing a shortie is that it prevents them from getting burnt by the harmful rays of the sun.